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Julien Simonnet

Julien Simonnet

Chef et owner

I had the chance of working in several restaurants during my bachelor's degree at Ferrandi Bordeaux.

I started at the Itinéraire (Paris - Sylvain Sendra), then the Rackham (Roscoff - Arthur Péran) and the Jaïs (Paris - Jaïs Mimoun).

Once I obtained my diploma, I worked from time to time as a junior chef at Ze Kitchen Galerie (Paris - William Ledeuil) and the Porte 12 (Paris - Vincent Crépel). I developed my skills for two years as the deputy chef of the Goguette (Paris - Gianmarco Gorni). Fascinated by Japanese culture, I had the lifetime opportunity of working with Zaiyu Hasegawa from Tokyo’s twice Michelin-starred restaurant Den.

Inspired by the balance between culinary audacity and the grace of the plating, I decided to open my own restaurant in France to express my vision of food culture.

Manon Bras

Manon Bras

Room manager and head of Sommellerie

Back when I was studying in Charente, I had the opportunity to work at the Spinaker in Port-Camargue, the Château de Mirambeau in Mirambeau, and I had my first experience in Sommellerie at the prestigious L’Hôtel Negresco in Nice.

Thereafter I improved my Sommellerie skills in Hélène Darroze’s Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris for two years. My appetence led me to join Pierre Vila-Palleja’s team at Le Petit Sommelier de Paris, furnished with over 1000 wine references and a 14000 bottle wine cellar. Today, I'm starting a new journey with Le Galopin as room manager and head of Sommellerie, eager to get closer to the emotion and the sense of voyage food awakes in every one of us.

David Simonnet

David Simonnet


Passionate by gastronomy and amateur cook for over thirty years, I’ve been initiating myself to organic wines for 10 years with Hervé, wine merchant at L’étiquette (Paris) and through meeting with winegrowers all over France. I roam the world, looking for the very best of international cuisine.

I’ve helped friends of mine, the Mimoun brothers (Le Petit Célestin) creating their last restaurant, Chez Jaïs.

In addition to my entrepreneurial experience, I’ll had to Le Galopin my own exigency as a customer and a gourmet. Balance and customer service must be a focus, without neglecting the discovery of new tastes and textures.

I share with Julien the love of Japanese culture and with Manon a common origin from Charente.